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Board member Mandorla Art Award

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Since january 2021 I am a boardmember of the Mandorla Art Award in Australia I am very exited about this opportunity to work in the art scene in Australia click here for info Read more »

Innovation of Spiritual Care - conference presentation

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Presentation about my projects in the Radboudumc in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. There is a link to the text (in Dutch) PAPER Read more »

ANZAC Day on pause - The Power of Rituals

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An essay about the power of Anzac Day in a pandemic Lights from candles and torches create a circle of white dots on the green wet lawn next to the church on which grounds I live. Anzac Day was completely new to me three years ago. Today it is different. Read more »

research fellow

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Since the end of April 2020 I am a member of the Radboudumc Research Institute 'Health Improvement Sciences', department of Innovation of Spiritual Care In Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I have, and will be, conducting research into spiritual care within person centred care,... Read more »

Lent Course, St Paul's Beaconsfield

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“The Way of the Cross in Our Lives” Lent Study on Contemporary Mystics: Thomas Merton, Dag Hammarskjöld and Etty Hillesum. These three mystics have one thing in common, they were (journal)writers who shared their inner journey with us, readers. Thei Read more »

St George Cathedral - lectures on spirituality

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Wasting Time With God Spirituality Series at St George's Cathedral Centre for Spirituality In November 2019 I gave a talk about 20th Century Spirituality. By the lives and writings of three 20th century mystics I sketched how the inner journeys are the source and growing... Read more »

Compassion training volunteers RMHP

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Compassion is a value that is at the core of caring for other people, especially for children and their caretakers. Sometimes it comes natural, and other times it is easier said than done. In the training sessions we looked deeper into what compassion is, how we can grow... Read more »

Sermon for International Women's Day

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International Women's Day theme for 2019 is Balance for Better. The Anglican Community of St. Paul's in Beaconsfield (WA) has invited me to preach on the subject. In the Sermon I combined IWD with the Christian season of Lent in which we currently are in. Read more »

grief and loss for volunteers and staff

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Volunteers and staff of Ronald McDonald House in Perth work day and night to make the lives of sick children, their parents and siblings more bearable. They provide top quality housing, food, transport and teaching for children, their caretakers and siblings who are being... Read more »

Reflection on Grief @ St Paul's Beaconsfield

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We are all confronted with loss in our lives. I myself went through a deep grief and transformed this into a series of paintings which is titled ‘Still (a) Life’. From my own experience I captured those feelings and emotions that go beyond words into form, colour and paint. Loo Read more »


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