The name I chose for my small business is The Blessed Tree. Trees transform through the seasons and have the capacity to bear fruit. Some of the other qualities that appeal to me are its vigour, freshness and tenderness.

One of the great mystics, and Doctor of the Church, Hildegard of Bingen writes about trees with a spiritual understanding.
"God is a life that bestows life, root of the world-tree and wind in its branches. She is glistening life alluring all praise, all awakening, all resurrecting."
"The soul's understanding is like the greenness of branches and leaves; the will is like blossoming, the heart is like ripening; and the reason like fully mature fruit. In this way the soul strengthens and supports the human body."

Blossoming and flourishing are key words in my understanding of Christian spirituality. No matter the season we are in, we are called to be fully living.
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The documentary maker Linda Blagg has made an interview with me. She captured some of the most crucial moments in my life, experiences that changed my life, and transformed me. My soul's journey guided by God, love and loss - eventually leading me to Australia. 


Hi, I am Sylvia. Originally from the Netherlands but now living in West Australia.

Journeying with people who are seeking to live a fullfilling life, no matter what the circumstances are, is my passion. The Christian spiritual tradition is a source of wealth to accompany us on this journey. I never tire of deepening my knowledge and wisdom in this area. Sharing the joys and the treasures I find on the way by teaching and leading retreats for individuals and groups is my calling. Both the great masters of the tradition and of the 20th and 21st century are within my scoop, but I focus on the latter. I also have a special interest in gender and art. 

I hold a master degree in Theology, a post-graduate diploma in Divinity, and a bachelor degree in Social Work. 

Currently I am in my third year as a student in Formation for Ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Perth, West Australia. And an Oblate to the Benedictine Monastery at New Norcia, West Australia. 


"In one sense we are always travelling, and travelling as if we did not know where we were going. In another sense we have already arrived (...) But oh! How far have i to go to find You in Whom I have already arrived!" Thomas Merton 


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If you are interested to find out how I can be of use, please write a message. I will contact you within 24 hours. 

My practice is based in Beaconsfield / South Fremantle