Reflection on Grief @ St Paul's Beaconsfield

Reflection on Grief @ St Paul's Beaconsfield

We are all confronted with loss in our lives. I myself went through a deep grief and transformed this into a series of paintings which is titled ‘Still (a) Life’. From my own experience I captured those feelings and emotions that go beyond words into form, colour and paint. Looking back on the works and the process I can, in all honesty, identify with the truth that spiritual growth comes from being transformed by the dark night of the soul.

The reflection is called: 

The Soul Travels from Dark to Light

Loss as a Transformative Force

Winter is the season we are invited to close the doors and curtains and travel deeper into your inner self. By letting the dark in we slowly and gradually, beyond our clock concept of time, are transformed from the darkness of loss and pain into the Light of Love. It is the paradox of life: deep pains are freeing us. True freedom is spiritual freedom.

In the reflection, I will share my personal journey and the process of painting this series of ‘grief works’. There will also be poetry and live music, all related to loss and grief. You are invited to contemplate and meditate on the paintings, poetry and music and connect with your own life story. You don't need to talk! Just sit back, and let art soothe your soul. 

The event takes place on: 
Saturday August 18, 2018, from 2-5 pm
@ St Paul’ Anglican Church, 162 Hampton Road, Beaconsfield / South Fremantle

please RSVP by sending me an email:

costs: donation

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Reflection on Grief @ St Paul's Beaconsfield

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